Adham Abdelmoneim, born in Cairo, Egypt (1996), Graduated from European university of Geneva 2019.
Known as “The Sultan” Coming from Egyptian-Greek family roots, adventure has always been part of Adham's life, being able to travel and advance has been a huge part of unleashing the creative side of things, whether it's art in all forms, cuisine, languages etc.

Adham Abdelmoneim

Coming from an artistic family Adham’s grandparents, Iconic actor and actress Mimi Gamal & Hassan Mostafa.
Started off his painting career early 2020, Adham took advantage of the global pandemic to practice his love to art and this is when he was able to unleash, discover and curate.
Local recognition & gallery affiliations kicked off in his home country, Cairo, Egypt. In November 2020, adham's first exhibition titled “faces”, 24 pieces, sold out in 3 days.
Exposure from well renowned collectors from Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, London, Paris, Luxembourg etc.. has helped spread his artwork, now pieces of The Sultan Adham’s artwork are exhibited in the household's of people who found what they're looking for in his artwork.
Seeing the art of life by the greatest artist and creator God, he then gets inspired by nature and by the day-to-day experiences. Adham is able connect with his thoughts and make art out of it, with all the challenges that he faces in such a creative process. He paints his mind and thoughts into a canvas and all the vibrant colors that express his feelings. Art is a gift, art is another world and the lucky ones in this life have that key to the world full of dreams and imagination.
“ Being both an artist and a businessman inspires me even more, I like how the office life and all the stress and success it gives you during the day inspires me during the night to paint, I like to put myself out there and get what I want” says Adham.